Curatorial Guide

Curatorial Guide

Every year, thousands of girls are tricked, intimidated or forced into the shadows of sweatshops and brothels for labor and sexual exploitation. Some are taken across oceans, others just across the street. This modern day slavery is the second most lucrative international illegal trade.

The sheer scale of trafficking today involves complexities and complicities of governments, histories and human nature in this free market post-morality world. Would you sell your daughter for food? To a rape camp? Or do you turn away when you hear about such acts of brutality?

Girl for Sale is a collaborative virtual outreach exhibition about girl trafficking that interrogates and responds to the issues through poetry, art and education. It is about outrage, survival and prevention.

This co-production of Girl Museum and the American Poetry Museum, launched on 31 March 2011, will continue to expand over the next three years, incorporating contributions from the public and new partnerships.

Broken down into two main categories, this exhibition looks at Words and Images produced as a reaction to or examination of this complicated and distressing global issue.

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