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Trafficking Maps

Human trafficking occurs all over the world. In North America, there are over a dozen major trafficking hubs. This means that people, primarily girls and women, are brought from all over the world—by boat, airplane or car. The traffickers use false passports and paperwork so that the origin and identities of the girls are concealed or lost. They are then on sold to others who distribute them, just like any other commodity.

Below is a map of the major hubs in North America. As this exhibition grows, we will be adding more cities to this map over the next three years.

View Human Trafficking- North America in a larger map

Is trafficking going on where I live?

There are several organizations that track the routes that human traffickers use to move their ‘product’ around the world. Here are several current maps from the Protection Project of US trafficking routes. Check out their site for more information.

TIP Routes USA - 2013

TIP Routes USA - Child Sex Tourism 2013

TIP Routes USA - Destination for Victims 2013


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