GlobalGirl Media has created a wonderful series of webisodes called ‘Como Amar: How to Love’ now featured on World Channel. Episode 3 is about Human Trafficking. Please watch.


The following films and documentaries deal in some way with the issue of trafficking and its consequences. If you have another to add, please send in the title.

Bucharest Express—Chuck Portz. 2003. Enticed falsely by offers of job opportunities as dancers and models, women are trafficked from the Balkans to become sex slaves in Turkey (feature length).

Capital Letters—2004. An illegal immigrant brought to Ireland by traffickers is forced into prostitution and befriended by a small time hood.

Fields of Mudan—Steven Chang. 2004. A young girl is forced into sex slavery in this moving short film. She befriends another girl in the brothel and dreams of freedom with her mother in America (23 minutes).

The Great White Hope—also a play of the same name (won 1969 Pulitzer Prize in drama), about a black boxer in the early 20th century who falls in love with a white woman and must deal with both racism from the white community and ostracism from the black community.  Also deals with the Mann Act.

Holly—Fictional story about a man in Cambodia who tries to stop a Vietnamese girl from sex trafficking.

Lilya 4-Ever—Lukas Moodysson. 2002. At 16 in the former Soviet Union, Lilya is left by her mother, and, penniless, turns to prostitution and the horrifying life it entails (109 minutes).

Memoirs of a Geisha—Based on the book of the same name, the changing of a cultural lens can change how we view exploitation.

Salaam Bombay—Drama about a runner for a tea shop in a neighborhood filled with prostitution and drugs.

Slave—Tatiana thought she was going to America to be an au pair girl, but is trafficked into a life of sexual slavery. A chance meeting with Diana, an actress in a play about trafficking, changes both their lives.

Slumdog Millionaire—Features child trafficking.  About an orphan from the Mumbai slums, who tells the story of his life, including the girl he loved and lost, encounters with gangs, and living on the street.

Svetlana’s Journey—Michael Cory Davis, Hristina Dimatrova. 2005. Based on a true story, this documentary/drama describes the experience of a young Bulgarian girl sold by her adopted parents for 10,000 euros to another family for sexual exploitation.

Trade—Marco Kreuzpaintner. 2007. A girl from Mexico City is abducted into modern day slavery and is to be sold in an internet auction, and her brother goes on a quest to rescue her (119 minutes).


These films are real life based, rather than dramatizations or fictional accounts.

Anamika (The Nameless)—Documentary. Rajesh Touchriver. 2005. Exposing the issue of child commercial sexual exploitation in India (trafficking women from Andhra Pradesh to other parts of India), this 26 minute documentary delves into the very real product of the sex trade, including both physical and mental destruction.

Anonymously Yours—Gayle Ferraro. 2002. Four women’s stories are weaved together in this 90- minute documentary about Burma’s sex trafficking trade.

Bangkok Girl—Jordan Clark. 2005. 19-year-old Pla tells of her experience managing to avoid prostitution while working in a bar in Thailand since the age of 13, and how with time she will inevitably be forced into the trade (42 minutes).

Born Into Brothels—Zana Briski, Ross Kauffman.  Taking on a very different vantage point than most films on the subject, Briski and Kauffman’s 85-minute documentary focuses not on the prostitutes in India, but their children.  2005 Best Oscar for Feature Documentary.

Bought and Sold—Gillian Caldwell. 1999. Produced and Directed by WITNESS Director Gillian Caldwell, this 42 minute documentary investigates the illegal traffic of women in the former Soviet Union, as well as the groups that are helping them.

Call + Response—Musical examining modern day slavery.

Cargo: Innocence Lost—Michael Cory Davis. 2008. A “compelling documentary,” this film includes interviews from the nation’s leading authorities on trafficking, and from victims of modern day slavery themselves (75 minutes).

Chameli—About girl trafficking and HIV/AIDS; was made to “sensitize Nepali communities and to challenge the government to confront the girl trafficking problem.”

The Children We Sacrifice—Grace Poore. 2000. Poore’s documentary delves into the many aspects of incest, ranging from cultural attitudes to effective treatments for survivors, and focusing on social and cultural resistance in South Asia (61 minutes).

The Day My God Died—Andrew Levine. 2003. Tells the story of the countless girls sold into the sex trade in Bombay, the brave souls working to defend them (55 minutes).  Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Dying to Leave—Chris Hilton and Aaron Wolf. 2004. This 104-minute two part documentary explores the issue of human trafficking, and tells the story of a girl trafficked to Australia then sold into prostitution for three years.

Enslaved and Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking in Canada–Online documentary on human trafficking in Canada, featuring UBC Law Professor and Liu Institute Faculty Fellow Benjamin Perrin.

Four Years in Hell—Documentary about a Nepalese girl sold to a brothel in India.

Girls from Chaka Street—Antra Cilinska. 1997. In a short 15-minute documentary, the tragic story of Eva, a prostitute in Latvia, and many other underage girls like her is told.

Girl Trafficking—Manushi for Sustainable Development. 1994. Trafficked from the rural areas of Nepal into India for commercial sexual exploitation, this documentary-drama outlines the very real ordeal of many young girls, as well as the social ostracization they face with their resulting HIV/AIDS infection.  Used as a training tool by NGOs.

Highway to Hell—Meera Dewan and Niraja Rao. 2000. Exploring the sex trafficking trade between Nepal and India, this documentary also takes on the unique perspectives of male clients in addition to those of the trafficked girls and their families (38 minutes).

I Just Keep Quiet: The Voices of Human Trafficking—An educational overview of human trafficking in the United States, including interviews with victims, law enforcement and social service providers.

Not for Sale: The Documentary—Based on a book of the same name.

No 556, 13th Lane, Kamathipura, Mumbai—Short documentary about a raid on a brothel in Mumbai. “Director’s Note: The rescue operation shown in No. 556 was done at the request of enslaved girls. They sent word through customers begging for police or NGO intervention.”

The Price of Youth—Short documentary, again about the Nepalese/Indian sex trade.  Also shows efforts to fight forced prostitution and rehabilitate its victims.

Remote Sensing—Ursula Biemann. 2001. This feature length film explores the impact of U.S. Military presence in South East Asia and European migration politics on the global sex trade.

Sacrifice—Ellen Bruno. 1998. This 50-minute documentary explores the economic, social, and cultural forces behind the sex trafficking of girls for debt-bondage from Burma to Thailand.

The Selling of Innocents—Documentary about the Nepalese/Indian sex trafficking trade.  Won a 1997 Emmy Award in News and Journalism.

Sex Slaves (The Real Sex Traffic)—(PBS Frontline) Ric Esther Bienstock. 2006. One man provides a hidden-camera view of commercial sexual exploitation in Russian and Turkey by speaking with the traffickers, victims, and government officials in order to find and buy back the freedom of his trafficked wife (40 minutes).

Sisters and Daughters Betrayed—Chela Blitt. 1995. Focusing on Thailand, Nepal, and the Phillipinnes, this documentary delves into the social and economic factors driving sex trafficking, as well as the consequences for those women affected (28 minutes).

So Great a Violence: Prostitution and Trafficking and Global Sex Industry—Coalition Against the Trafficking in Women. 2000. This inspirational film calls on those with a voice to use their power to create political demand for the ending of sexual exploitation.

Stop the Traffick—Emily Marlow. 2001. Set in Cambodia, Marlow’s documentary explores the aftereffects of Khmer Rouge’s brutal rule, and how it has impacted the vulnerability of children in the region to the sex trade (30 minutes).

Trading Women—David A. Feingold. Trading Women documents the sex trafficking trade in China, Thailand, and Burma, depicted as not just a local, but international problem (narrated by Angelina Jolie).

Trafficked—Luigi Acquisto. 2005. Acquisto’s 60-minute documentary explores the sex trafficking trade in SE Asian and Australia through former Australian Federal Police Officer Chris Payne.

Trafficking Cinderella—Mira Niagolva. 1994. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, there has been a marked increase in the sex trafficking from the former Soviet Union to Western Europe and North America, explored by this 48-minute film.

Turning a Corner—Salome Chasnoff. 2006. In this 60-minute documentary, the stories of those affected by the sex trade in Chicago and their efforts to raise awareness for necessary policy reforms are revealed.

Very Young Girls—Focuses on American children forced into prostitution in America.  83 minutes.

The Virgin Trade: Sex, Lies and Trafficking—Filmmaker Stuart Kershaw embarks on a journey through Thailand’s red light districts to investigate the world’s largest sex industry. This exploration of international sex tourism turns expectation on its head, in an expedition that is as brutal in its honesty as it is unexpected in its conclusions…


These televisions programs are either one in a series or special productions. Feel free to send in episode titles with subject matter related to girl trafficking.

Human Trafficking—(Lifetime Ministries) Christian Duguay. 2005. This two-part mini-series starring Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland depicts the sex trafficking trade in Eastern Europe. 

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2010 Season, 12 Episode 4, Merchandise)—A 15-year-old girl is hit by a car and killed, and it is ruled a homicide. There were signs  the girl was being starved and had recently given birth. It’s found that the girl had fallen victim to a human trafficking ring. 


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